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We're Eli and Delaney, husband and wife photographers based in and around Detroit, MI. 

We believe in connection, truth telling, and showing up. We try everyday to bring our whole selves to the table, broken and wholly present. And that is the attitude and mindset we strive for in our work as photographers. We feel so privileged to have the opportunity to tell stories with our photos in a raw and honest way. We don't aim for perfect posing or detailed shot lists. Our goal is to document the real stuff. 

We learn daily in our work, our marriage, and in the mundane how to interact with one another with more grace and more humility. As artists and normal human beings, we are consistently pushing each other towards growth, to move outside of our comfort zones - to think differently, see differently, photograph differently. This is something we value greatly when it comes to getting to work together. We're thankful you've stumbled across us & our work - we hope you like what you see! 

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So outgoing that it occasionally makes my introverted self cringe, but also, more often it makes me stand in awe of his genuine ability to love and interact with a complete stranger. 

Eli is fearless in all areas; whether it be doing backflips while rollerblading, spending 30 days in a field in the middle of Congo, or working hard at our marriage and friendship, I am convinced he does it all. He is my mountain man, my skater boy and my artist. The 18 year old I met playing the djembe at our high school youth group, who was in the midst of growing his hair out for dreads, with plans to move to an island that summer. He ended up enrolled in a photography program at a local college and I have barely seen him put his camera down since. 

He invited me into this journey in photography with him when I was 16 years old and it absolutely elates me to see where we are now, and all of the growing we have done and will continue to do. 


If you know her, you probably know her as an old soul. Her deep desire to make people feel loved and cared for is inspiring; greater than anyone else I know. She constantly reminds me to dig deeper into every relationship and to daily cherish those that are close. Besides laughing (see above photo), her hobbies include: eating popcorn, cooking, reading about cooking, and pottery.

We have many differences, but I love them and continue to learn that we wouldn't be who we are, together and individually, without them. Delaney helps me appreciate simple things, like rainy mornings. She teaches me that there's more to food than poptarts and ramen, and helps me to slow down and appreciate the art of rest. 

Delaney has supported me since day one, and it wasn't long before I realized I needed her if  I wanted this whole thing to be successful. She's always on top of the things that I'm not, and she's an incredible artist. It's such a blessing to have a someone beside me who sees differently, and captures moments differently. I can't imagine this work any other way.